Our main attraction is a giant maze (for pictures and more detailed information, see menu on left of this screen). This can be either our Elemental maze constructed from reeds which is open June-December, or our maize maze which is open February-May (mielies are a seasonal crop!).

Your group will go into the maze in teams (made up of your group members). Maximum team size is about 4 people, so everyone can have fun and be involved in the decision making process and see and answer the quiz. YES, there is a quiz in the giant maze. Just for fun, we have questions to suit everyone. Everyone wins an iced lolly as a prize after handing in their answer sheets. No googling allowed, and it is just for fun, so don’t stress about it!

After your group has completed the giant maze, there are fun puzzles and games to be done in the courtyard area. Most families/groups are with us about 3-4 hours minimum, but you are welcome to stay longer!

The Courtyard area has smaller mazes and puzzles. A challenge for everyone!

Rope Maze – a great team event that has you racing around a spiderweb of coloured ropes – appeals to all ages. We now have 2 of these fun mazes!

Picture of labyrinth in the foreground, rope maze and indigenous maze in the background. Labyrinth – a meditative meander with a teaching sun-dial at the centre. We have a new Labyrinth just completed that combines the ancient with the classical. Pink crystals adorn the centre spot

Indigenous maze – can you follow the rules AND find your way out? Looks easy but is deceptively hard to solve.

Six Minute Mazes – five unique logic puzzles design to test your strategic thinking and mind-mapping skills. Our new

Maths maze in foreground, one of the 6 minute mazes.

Soccer shooter – a target shooting game

Peep Board – lovely for family pictures

Wobblers – Test your balancing skills by trying to wobble the ball into the centre of the labyrinth design. Great for all ages!

Coffee Shop – serves light meals, teas/coffee. cold drinks and ice-creams.

For kids parties, corporate events and Moonlight Mazes you need to book – refer to the details on each.