Weekend rates :

  • we are open to the public every weekend (Sat and Sun) and most public holidays. We are closed on New Years Day.

  • Adults R150

  • Kids R100

  • Family 2 + 2 R450






We are open to the general public on week-ends (Sat & Sun) and public holidays. Opening times 10am-5pm, last ticket sales 2.30pm. No booking required – but please book for kid’s parties.

We are closing due to the lockdown. We will re-open as soon as restrictions are lifted, into the maize maze. Stay safe, stay home! 

  • No children under 16 are allowed into the giant maze without adults
  • No entry to our property without a ticket.
  • We have one giant maze open, see giant mazes information to see which maze is open, and smaller puzzles and mazes in the courtyard. Your entrance fee covers all the mazes we have open.
  • No booking required for casual walk-in groups. For a kids party or corporate events please see relevant pages
  • No braais or music or dogs. Picnics welcome
  • There is no minimum or maximum group size. If you have a large group you will need to break up into teams before entering the giant maze. 5 people per team is the maximum. Your group will all enter the maze at the same time, with teams going in different directions. The quiz suits all ages, and we have a shorter route for people with prams and small children!

Basically you can just arrive, wear comfortable clothes and shoes and hats. Most people then do the giant maze(takes 60-90 minutes), and then relax in the shade with their ice-cream (free, if they have answered the quiz nicely!) and then play on the games and puzzles in the courtyard area.

Smaller puzzles and mazes available in the courtyard area for everyone to do:
• Green Maze – a very tricky small maze made from indigenous plants. • 2 x Rope maze, suits everyone, Race each other over and under the ropes! • 5 x Six minute mazes, mind puzzles, suits everyone • Soccer game – throw the ball into the targets • Hoopla – old fashioned game of throwing rings over targets • Labyrinth- suits everyone; follow the curving paths until you reach the center of the labyrinth. Demonstrates the difference between a maze and a labyrinth

Most people are with us about 3 hours.

Please refer to other pages for corporate and school events during the week, and kids parties and moonlight mazes at week-ends.



In the Elemental maze!

In the Elemental maze!


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