Costs for Kids parties:

  •  R120 per party child, they are provided with a packet of crisps, a Liquifruit and all people completing the maze win an iced lolly.
  • R150 per ADULT team leader, remember team sizes of 4 children (under 15) and 1 adult, so ensure you have enough comfortably dressed adults!
  • R25 per adult sitting out of the maze
  • Please note that only 10 adult sit-outs per party are allowed, any groups over that will be charged at normal entrance price of R150.
  • We do not charge for parents dropping off their children and leaving.
  • Minimum fee of R1,000 applies.
Picnic areas

Picnic areas

Kids Parties – We are open for parties, young and old!

  • Parties are booked at the weekends: 10-12.30 or 2-4.30pm.
  • Each party is allocated an area under a shady tree with a large picnic table and a curved bench for additional seating.
  • Each party child is supplied with a fruit juice and a packet of crisps and everyone wins an ice cream on completing the maze. Parties last 2.5 hours and the party area is available to you for 3 hours, to enable you to setup before your guests arrive.
  • A non-refundable deposit of R1,000 is required to confirm your booking. The R750 deposit represents the minimum charge for the party.  The final cost of the party is determined on the day – we count the number of adults and children entering the maze, the number of adults seated out of the maze, add in any tab from the coffee shop, and subtract your deposit to get to the final cost. The balance can be settled with Master or Visa debit/credit card or cash. Please note that if the deposit is not received at least one week before the party, then no party area is reserved and we reserve the right to book another party into that time slot.
 Your group will be loaded into the giant maze, takes 90 minutes, in their teams as soon as all your guests have arrived, but this must happen within half an hour of the party start time, to allow them to have fun in the maze, and for there to be enough time for cake afterwards! It is imperative that children under 16 are accompanied by responsible adults into the big mazes and you will need 1 participating adult (over 18, no 16 year old can supervise a naughty group of 9 year olds!) per team of 4 children.
Cheating is not tolerated! We take this very seriously! On completion of the maze, the teams answer sheets are marked, and they are all given an ice-cream as a reward for completing the maze. NO TEAMS LARGER THAN 5 PEOPLE, PLEASE!
Please contact us for further detailed information and to book your party date and time slot.


Kids party in maize maze